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Improvement: Support for cross-functional teams

Support for cross-functional teams

We're introducing default project roles for users in Stackbit. With this change, it is now possible to give access to a cross-functional team to a project where every team member will just get added with their default project role as opposed to everyone in the same team having to be added with the same role.

Improvement: Enhanced support for DatoCMS

Enhanced support for DatoCMS

Stackbit has first-class support for two-way syncing content between DatoCMS and the Stackbit visual editor. Enhancements in this release include:

  • Publish per page and per object

  • Documentation examples

Improvement: SSO role mapping

SSO role mapping

This change introduces the ability of automatically giving organization members access as admins and any default project role according to the groups defined in the company's Identity Provider of choice (e.g. Okta, Ping Identity, Auth0, etc.).

Improvement: New onContentCreate hook

New onContentCreate hook

The new onContentCreate method makes it possible to set up Stackbit to create related and nested content when a new document is created. A common example is to use this field for dynamic default values — content created based on content input by the user.

Content filtering by references

Content filtering by references

This change introduces the ability of filtering by referenced objects. For example, find all posts with author 'John Doe', or find all posts with tags 'sports' and 'music'.

New Feature: Custom Asset Sources
New Feature

Custom Asset Sources

Custom asset sources provide a way for you to flexibly bring your own asset behavior without the need of a direct integration.

New Feature: Document Hooks
New Feature

Document Hooks

Bring custom behavior and content transformations by hooking into Stackbit's document lifecycle methods.

React Annotations Utilities at Scale

Annotations at Scale

We provide the most unobtrusive solution in our domain, but annotating your components at scale is a notable challenge. Here’s a scalable solution.

Improved logs visibility

Improved logs visibility

Improvements in the container logging include visibility on container stages and commands it's running.


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