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Create modern sites in minutes, now supporting DatoCMS

Stackbit adds support for DatoCMS - Content Management Made Simple.

At Stackbit our goal is to make creating and maintaining modern websites easy. A core strategy of getting to that goal is recognizing the diversity of modern, headless Content Management Systems and enabling our users to pick and choose the ones that work best for their various use-cases.

Today we're excited to add support for a CMS that has been often requested by our users - DatoCMS. We really enjoyed working with the DatoCMS team on the integration and after ironing out all the edge cases we think DatoCMS users will find it thrilling to create modern websites in minutes.

Some cool technical details:

  • Nested data within pages and site content in general show up as a hierarchy of DatoCMS link type fields
  • Page sections can be rearranged via the CMS
  • We created our own special field editor plugin to enable the editing of list enumerations -
  • We've filtered down the CMS Sidebar to simplify navigation

Get started today, here are some cool things you can jump into:

For a detailed walkthrough see this great writeup by the DatoCMS team. Stackbit adds support for DatoCMS - Content Management Made Simple.